What is a "Design Chat"?

Our Design Chat starts once you receive confirmation email for your payment. We discuss design related detail during Design Chat like photos, videos and Simple Sketch Plan of your space. To learn more about Design Chat, go here.

What is "3D Modeling"?

We do a 3D Modeling of your actual space based from the details you send us in our Design Chat. We use our go-to 3D modeling software to create a Rendered Image for you. 3D Modeling files are for internal use only. We do not send this file to customers.

What is a "Rendered Image"?

A Rendered Image is a non Photo-Realistic image that will help you visualize your space. Imagine it like a photo taken from a corner of your space reflecting the design you want.

What is a "Before & After Clip"?

A Before & After Clip shows you the transformation of your current space to your approved design. For better Before & After Clip, make sure to take a nice photo of your space / room.

What is a "Furniture Layout (Scaled)"?

A Furniture Layout (Scaled) is a floor plan of your space that reflects all the furniture and decor shown in the Rendered image. This lets you know the size of the furniture seen in the Rendered Image. We also send this in colored format so its visually easier to understand.

What does "Scaled" mean?

All our Furniture Layout are Scaled or To Scale. This means you can print it out and measure with an ordinary ruler. Print it out and bring it with you when you go out to buy furniture, so you know the sizes youll need.

What is a "Shopping List" ?

A Shopping List is a simple directory of furniture, decor and material finish used in the Rendered Image. This will include product code and store name. You can also inform us if you have prefered furniture, decor & ligting stores during Design Chat so we can consider them in the design. Please note that we do not supply a detailed Shopping List. We only choose a maximum of 10 essential items to jumstart your design quest.

What are the "Design Themes"?

We have 12 Design Themes available:

  1. Mid-Century Modern
  2. Tropical
  3. Minimalist
  4. Modern
  5. Eclectic
  6. Asian
  7. Industrial
  8. Transitional
  9. Thematic
  10. Coastal
  11. Scandinavian
  12. Traditional
Learn more about each of them here.

Why are there only 12 Design Themes?

We undestand that having too many options can produce something called "choice paralysis" to customers, so we preselected 12 of the best themes for your convenience.

Can I choose more than 1 Design Theme?

All our design themes are automatically in Contemporary style which is our default design style. This means regarless of your selected theme, you are assured that our design will be clean and current. If you want to combine 2 from the 12 design styles, lets discuss it further in our Design Chat. We'll be honest if it'll work or not. If you're still undecided on what Design Theme to choose, just choose the " Will Decide Later" option so we can discuss it further during Design Chat.

How many design "Packages" do you have?

Right now, we have 3 Packages available.

  • Package A
  • Package B
  • Package C

How many rooms can 1 "Package" cover?

1 Package is to 1 Room. For multiple room orders, you should purchase multiple packages also. Just make sure to assign a unique Name of Room for our convenience.

What is considered as 1 Room (Space)?

It should be an enclosed interior space with full partition walls. Full partition walls are walls from floor to ceiling.

Are the "Packages" the same?

No, they're not. Additional inclusion apply as your design package upgrades. Kindly refer to this table for easier comparison: ☻ means its included in that package.

How do I know which "Package" is for me?

You need PACKAGE A to:

  • see a 3D Rendered Image of you space.
  • visualize the design on your actual space (not just a Pinterest peg or another concept board / moodboard with collage)
You need PACKAGE B to:
  • get the same as PACKAGE A and..
  • see a Floor Plan of your space.
  • guide you with furniture/decor arrangement and its sizes.
You need PACKAGE C to:
  • get the same as PACKAGE B and..
  • see a Shopping List for the furniture/decor of your space.
  • know what furniture, decor or material finish to use & where to buy them.
We recommend you to get Package C if you're doing a full makeover of your space because this package includes Furniture Layout (Floor Plan) and Shopping List which are the most helpful tools in your design quest. But it still depends on your budget! The good thing about ALL our packages is that they all have a Rendered Image, which is definitely more helpful than a moodboard / concept board (what some e-designers offer).

What if I need other items aside from what is included in the Packages?

We made sure that the inclusions in all our packages are the most essential tools that anyone will need to jumpstart their design quest. But we do understand that some will have more requirements than others. (e.g Custom cabinet detailing, thorough sourcing/specification, styling services etc) We will constantly update our Top-Ups to cover the other items that will be helpful for you during construction! Keep following us in our Instagram and Facebook ( @anaffordablespace) page for announcements and updates!

Do you design commercial spaces?

Right now, our packages here in AN AFFORDABLE SPACE covers personal spaces (homes) only. We are looking into expanding our scope in the future. Keep following us in our Instagram and Facebook ( @anaffordablespace) page for announcements and updates!

What kind of Room (Space) can you design?

We can help design all the rooms in your home! This includes:

  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Home Office / Home Studio
  • Dining Room
  • Family Room
  • Nursery
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Lanai / Patio
  • Entry Way / Hallway
This is what you can put under the " Name of Room" when you order a Package. If you're not sure yet what to call the space you want designed, just note "Nameless Room" chances are, whatever your room might be as long as its in your home, we've got you covered!

Can you build / construct also?

As we are offering an e-design service, we don't do any renovation, remodeling or construction work. We are the third party that will always have your back when it comes to design. Its good to get a third party like us, so that you have more control on the design output and you're assured that design won't be compromised cause its "free". Reality is, some groups offer irresistable free design offers but will:

  • limit you to get all furniture / decor from them or
  • pressure you to approve a so-so design that favors them in construction

Can you do site visits? or assist on site works?

Unfortunately, we do not offer design assitance in the actual site as we are an e-design service. The design services offered by AN AFFORDABLE SPACE is exlusively online. We recommend hiring a local contractor / builder and just use us to help you in the design part (through our Design Chat).

What is a "Minor Revision"

A minor revision is limited to change of color / material / finish, minor movement of previously used furniture or decor and any minor alteration of the 3D Model. Change of mind (especially change of Design Theme) after receiving the Rendered Image is not considered as a Minor Revision. Revisions are always in a non photo-realistic output only and are applied to 2 Rendered Images (max). Changing a maximum of 3 furniture & decor items under the same Design Theme is still considered as a Minor Revision. However, changes in the style /theme of more than 3 or almost ALL furniture & decor (especially when those items were based from the original Design Chat) is already considered as a Major Revision. Changing of the approved option for Furniture Layout, after seeing the 3D Design, is also considered as a Major Revision.* Any additional design pegs & inspiration photos sent after we give you a notice-to-proceed with 3D design will no longer be applied in the Rendered Image. For Major Revisions, we encourage you to avail of another design package. *Only Package B and Package C receives 2 Furniture Layout options and unlimited Furniture Layout revisions for approval before proceeding to 3D Design. As Package A does not include Furniture Layout options, its Minor Revision doesn't cover moving any furniture after receipt of 3D Design.*

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