How do I know if my room is 25sqm (270sqft) and below?

Get the Floor Area of the Room (Space) you want to design. "sqm" stands for square meter. "sqft" stands for square foot.

How will I know the "Floor Area" of my room?

Measure the general length & width of the Room (Space) you want to design. To know the Floor Area, just multiply the length & width of your space like this: METERS: Floor Area (sqm) = Length (m) x Width (m) ____________ FEET: Floor Area (sqft) = Length (ft) x Width ft) Better to make a " Simple Plan Sketch" of your space already. We'll ask for this during our Design Chat. For easier computation, convert your Feet-Inches fraction to Feet in Decimal. "m" is meter, while"sqm" is square meter. "ft" is foot, while"sqft" is square foot.

What is a "Simple Plan Sketch"?

A Simple Plan Sketch is a simple floor plan of your enclosed space. It should give us an idea of your room's:

  • general shape
  • location of doors and windows
  • basic measurements like length, width, floor area and height.
It doesnt have to be perfectly drawn, but please make sure its readable.

How do I make a "Simple Plan Sketch" of my Room (Space)?

You can do it manually or digitally.

How do I make a "Simple Plan Sketch" manually?

  1. Use any kind of measuring tape you have to measure your room.
  2. Get Graphing Paper & Pen to draw your room. (or download a Grid Sheet to draw with your phone). Use the box of grid/graph as reference in drawing. 1 grid = 1meter OR 1 grid = 1foot.
  3. Mark where the door & windows are located. Send this Simple Plan Sketch during our Design Chat.

How do I make a "Simple Plan Sketch" digitally?

Download a censor measuring app on your phone, like Magic Plan. You can download Magic Plan via these links: App Store or Google Playstore. This app can scan your room thru your device's camera and automatically translate your room into a Simple Plan Sketch.

How to use the Magic Plan app?

You can watch this tutorial video we found in Youtube.

What happens in the Design Chat?

During Design Chat, we get the following details from you:

  • Photos (as many as possible)
  • Video (walkthrough so you can storytell your ideas for your space.) *Optional but encouranged.
  • Simple Plan Sketch or measurements of your space.
  • Selected final Design Theme
We will also send you a simple Design Questionaire that you need to fill out and send back to us. Once we get all the info we need, we'll ask you for a go signal to proceed with design or end of Design Chat signal. The next thing you do is to sit back, relax and wait for your design!

Can we ask anything during Design Chat?

You can, as long as its related to the package you availed. If your questions are not answerable by the package you purchased, we will suggest for you get a Design Chat + Top-Up or upgrade your Package.

Can you give examples of these limitations?

Here are some example scenarios:

  • You got Package A, but you're asking for the size of a certain furniture. Package A does not cover Furniture Layout (Scaled).
  • You got Package A, but you're asking where to buy a certain furniture. Package A does not cover Shopping List.

What is your design process?

We simplified our design process into 4 easy steps:

You can get started on your design project in a few easy steps! Once you're ready, choose a design package you want to get for your room. Review your cart and pay at checkout. We begin with Design Chat as soon as you receive your payment confirmation email. Its a 1-on-1 chat with your designer where we'll ask you to fill out a design questionaire and send more details about your space and design style (ie photos/ videos of your space, colors / patterns you like and dislike, design theme you want, etc.). After that, all you have to do is sit back, relax and get your design!

How do I access Design Chat?

You can click on the floating Design Chat icon at the lower right corner of your screen in our website

Why do you limit the questions answered in Design Chat?

We do this so that we can maintain quality design and help more customers effectively.

What are the limitations of a Design Chat?

We can only answer your design questions if they are related to the package you purchased. Limitations based on Package are as follows: Package A Questions about (and related to) the Rendered Image. Package B Questions about (and related to) the Rendered Image and Furniture Layout. Package C Questions about (and related to) the Rendered Image, Furniture Layout (Scaled) and Shopping List.

What should I do if I really want to ask questions unrelated to my Package?

We recommend upgrading your Package or getting a Design Chat + Top-up.

What is the maximum "Size of Room" do you accept?

The maximum Size of Room for ANAFFORDABLE SPACE design project (with Top-Up) is 50 square meter or 540 square feet. This is to ensure quality of our designs.

If your size of room exceeds 50 square meter or 540 square feet, we recommend signing up for 2 rooms (meaning 2 packages), this sometimes happen if you have dual-living space or an open plan layout (ie living and dining)

How to convert my Feet-Inches Fraction to Feet in Decimal?

You can compute it manually, or you can also visit the link befor for the online calculator. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to find this: | CONVERT HERE |

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