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  • How much are your design "Packages" and "Top Ups"?
    We simplified them to 3 Packages and 12 Top-Ups, ranging from 5 USD to 150 USD. You'll know more about each of them here. Remember that you can convert our prices to the currency of your choice!
  • Can i see your prices in my currency?
    Yes! You can do that by using our Currency Converter. Just change USD to your prefered currency.You'll find the currency converter in: Desktop View - upper right corner Mobile View - inside Menu
  • Can I get a discount if I purchase more than 1 Package?
    Yes! Kindly send us a message before placing an order. We can give you a coupon/promo code if you will get 3 or more Packages in one checkout. This Bundle of 3 discount does not apply to Commercial Space orders but we do consider giving a discount if you're ordering in bulk (Multiple Rooms). You can only redeem 1 promo/discount per transaction. No 2 promos/discounts can be used at the same time.
  • What are your payment options?
    1. PayPal with Account 2. Credit Card Payment (w/o PayPal account but thru PayPal gateway) 3. Manual Payment: GCash (Philippine residents) You access these options by clicking the following button at the Order Summary:
  • How to order via Paypal?
    Go to SHOP and add to cart all your orders. Checkout cart directly via PAYPAL! Wait for your email confirmation with Order No. (Design No.) Message us your Order No. (Design No.)to start our Design Chat. * For easier checkout on your future order you can SIGN IN. * Make sure to settle the $3 at checkout to cover portion of the PayPal fee. Incase you don’t settle this; we’ll send you an invoice for this plus another $3 to cover the Paypal fee. So it is important to settle it the first time.
  • What if I don't have a Paypal account?
    You can choose to Pay via Credit Card. Just choose Pay with Debit or Credit Card! Then proceed by filling-out the necessary details via the PayPal gateway. OR you can click Checkout then choose Manual Payment and pay via GCash.
  • Do you accept Credit Card payment?
    Yes, we do! Through the PAYPAL gateway at checkout. You don't need a Paypal account to pay via credit card. Just select "Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card"at the PAYPAL gateway. Dont worry! We do not keep any credit card details since your payment transaction is via PAYPAL gateway which is SSL protected.
  • How to order via GCash (Fund Transfer)?
    Go to SHOP and add to cart all your orders. Checkout cart directly via MANUAL PAYMENT! Wait for the INVOICE and PAYMENT DETAILS that we will send in your email within 24 hours from your checkout. Please note that the USD to PHP conversion will be based from converter at the time the invoice was prepared. The currency conversion reflected in our shop will just be a guide. Settle the full amount indicated in TOTAL AMOUNT DUE IN PHP within 24 hours from receipt of the INVOICE. Once paid, send a copy of the fund transfer - PROOF OF PAYMENT to Use this email subject: INV-101XX – Proof of Payment. Please don’t forget to change the XX with your invoice number. Message us your Order No. (Design No.)to start our Design Chat. * For easier checkout on your future order you can SIGN IN.
  • Can I pay a downpayment first then pay the balance later when paying manually via GCash?
    Payments should be settled in full before we start with the design chat. However, you may settle your payments in parts, just make sure to email us the copy of your Proof of Payments.
  • Why should I transfer fund via Gcash within 24 hours from receipt of Invoice?
    This is due to the changing currency conversion so we encourage settling payment within 24 hours from receipt of invoice. Failure to settle payment during this time will cancel your order from the system and you’ll need to checkout again in our website to get another Invoice number.
  • What if I don’t have GCash, how can I pay manually?
    Right now, our only Manual Payment option available is via GCash. Keep following our socials for updates in case we open up other Manual Payment options. You can also settle payment via PayPal or Credit Card in case you don’t have GCash.
  • Can I still change my order after payment?
    Yes, upgrading your purchased package is allowed. You can also add Top-ups while we are having our Design Chat. However, downgrading packages and changing of top-ups are not allowed. But you can convert them to shop credits that you may use in the future. To upgrade packages or add top-ups after checkout, just browse thru our SHOP and select what you want for your new checkout. You can also read about upgrading the purchased package AFTER receiving the final design here.
  • What happens if I paid already?
    Once you receive your payment confirmation email or message, we will proceed with our DESIGN CHAT. To know more about the design process during design chat, go here.
  • How do I get my design order?
    We will email your design via Delivery Days vary per package. Day count starts after we get all the design details needed during our Design Chat.
  • Do you accept invitation to collab?
    Yes we do! Especially if its something related to home design! For interested home store suppliers or designers, or any home lover who want to collaborate with us! just send us an email at!
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