Am I required to avail of a "Top-Up"?

No, unless your space is more than 25 sqm (270 sqft). If the floor area of your space (room) is 26 to 50sqm (271 to 540 sqft), you need to get a Bigger Room Top-Up.

Can I get a "Top-Up" without getting a "Package"?

No. Top-Ups are add-ons only. It can only be purchased with a Package. You may purchase a Top-Up later, as long as you have a purchased Package already.

What is a "Priority" Top-Up?

You can get your design a day earlier if you avail of this Priority Top-Up.

What is a "Revision +" Top-up?

Get this Revision + Top-Up, if you've already used the inclusive 1 Minor Revision in your package. Revisions are always in a non photo-realistic output only and are only applied to a maximum of 2 Rendered Images only.

What is a "Design Chat +" Top-up?

If you have additional inquiry outside the scope of your package, this Design Chat + Top-Up is for you. We will usually advise you to get this Top-Up when your inquiry is non-essential or unrelated to the design output of your purchased package. The Design Chat inclusive in each package is based on the scope of the package. To learn more about limitations in Design Chat go here.

What is a "Bigger Room" Top-up?

You are required to avail this Bigger Room Top-Up if your floor area is 26 to 50sqm (271 to 540 sqft). We do this to maintain the quality of our design output. The basic floor area covered in the Packages is 25sqm (270sqft) and below. For floor area of 51sqm (541sqft) and above, we recommend signing up for 2 Rooms (meaning 2 Packages) as this floor area size sometimes happen if you have dual-living space or an open plan layout (ie living and dining)

What is a "Realistic" Top-Up?

You should get this Realistic Top-Up if you want to see your design in a photo-realistic format. Expect an additional 1 Day delivery time as it will entail a longer time to produce. Rendered Image (included in all packages) and a version with Realistic Top-Up: *This top-up is not intended for marketing and business purposes.

Why can't I use your images for marketing and business purposes?

Our packages and top-ups are specifically for personal use only. For now, we are focused on home design only. All our products are watermarked with our logo and are copyrighted to us that's why you can't use them for marketing and business purposes. Commercial use is strictly discouraged.

What if I really need images for marketing and business?

For real estate /property developer who wish to avail of our service for marketing and business purposes, kindly email us at to discuss further as different rates apply.

How many "Top-Up" options do you have?

Right now, we have 6 Top-Up options.

  • Priority
  • Revision +
  • Design Chat +
  • Bigger Room
  • Realistic
  • View +

Can I use 1 "Top-Up" for more than 1 "Package"?

Not possible, sorry. 1 Top-Up is to 1 Package. You can only redeem a Top-up once. So if you purchaged 2 Packages, 1 Top-Up cannot cover both packages.

Can I add a "Top-Up" later after checkout?

Yes! You can purchase a Top-up later on - after checkout. As long as you already have a previously purchased Package, you can purchase a Top-up for it.

Can I add more than 1 "Top-Up"?

Yes! Go to SHOP and add as many Top-Up as you like. Just make sure that the unique Name of Room you input in the Top-up matches the Name of Room you indicated in the Package that you want to assign it to.

What is a "View+" Top-Up?

Get a View+ Top-Up if you need 1 addional Rendered Image for your room. We recommend getting this Top-Up if your room is big or irregularly shaped.

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