The 12 Design Themes you can choose from!



Image Source: (Clifton Interiors)

Mid-century Modern style is known for sleek lines mixed with organic curves and shapes. The color scheme used are deep and rich, similar to our branding colors! Stylish Eames and Vitra furniture usually complete the look and add unique style to your space. MORE >


   2. TROPICAL   


Image Source: (Benjamin Hosking)

Tropical style is about comfort that embraces nature. It is drawn from natural elements and materials like bamboo, rattan, jute, wood etc. Tropical palette comes from the colors of nature too. Hues are deep and rich that adds life to your space. MORE >




Image Source: (Tamizo Architects)

Minimalist style is all about simplicity. It showcases the concept of less is more and removes the inessential from your space. It involves clean lines and uncluttered furniture arrangement. Color palette in this style is usually monochromatic. MORE >


   4. MODERN   


Image Source: (Abby Elle Style)

Modern style is governed by the principle of form follows function. It reflects the modern art movement and the rejection of ornamentation to your space. It ranges from bright to bold design -inspired from abstract art to minimalist design furniture. MORE >


   5. ECLECTIC   


Image Source: (CM Natural Designs)

Eclectic style is a harmony of assorted elements. It is a mixture of different styles, diverse eras, contrasting texture and bold colors. It highlights funky details and personalized collections to make your space unique and full of character. MORE >


   6. ASIAN   


Image Source: (Fertility Design)

Asian style is also known as oriental style. It showcases patterns and details familiar with Asian countries. It is mostly inspired by the colors of nature - vibrant accent hues against neutral colors. It adds a glo